Handmade & Hand Delivered

BrainFood delivers: fresh, delicious sandwich platters to your office.

We deliver amazing, natural, handmade food direct to your door, from Monday to Friday Plus delivery is free on all orders. That's another fresh idea from BrainFood.

Ordering is easy!

Register for our delivery service Ė itíll only take a minute.

Place your order online: anytime from 7 days in advance to 10am on the day of delivery. Yes, we do same day delivery but a little notice always helps.

Our kitchen springs into action. You get freshly made food direct from us.

Delivery is free if youíre local and have an account with us.

Lastly itís the money bit. Pay by credit card online Ė easy. If youíre a regular we can set up a credit account for you.

Order now: for our delivery service, it'll only take...1 minute!